Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wikipedia guy deletes programming articles.

Recently one of my friends notified me that the article for the programming language Nemerle has been deleted from Wikipedia. And I am very upset about it . This language is still very active and widely used in russian communities and I myself is one of the developers. I also have production projects with it. Here you can read the discussion
It seems this Monsanto guy is one of the power abusers, and despite all the discussion he has deleted it with no solid reason. Shame on him, shame on wikipedia for this action.

I always thought wikipedia is one of the most neutral (at least trying to be ) places to gather info but this sensorship , this irresponsiblity or what ever you call is totally unacceptable. You can tell me it is a non notable language so has no right to exist in wikipedia. We could debate about it. But the lanaguage has 8 years of constant effort of developers, how would you feel if your baby is treated like this ?
Here you can see all the checkin history of nemerle:
and this Monsanto guy just deletes it shame on him!


John | Retro Programming said...

This is ridiculous. Every opinion to keep the article had the same response - "this does not prove the language's notability".

No-one proved it isn't notable, but still it was deleted (3 times). The editors who deleted it aren't in a position to judge it's notability.

Now wikipedia is full of broken links leading to Nemerle. I wonder if the same editors will tidy up the mess they've created.

This is a perfect example of why I don't contribute to wikipedia.

salwar kameez said...

It is really disappointing..Wiki should stop these and back in action..

Impomatic said...

Nice work, the guy nominating all the programming languages for deletion has stop and it looks like the deletion will be overturned :-)

John said...

These programming languages are also up for deletion:

Sandeep said...

Why don't you create a new one for the topic and mention the deletion there.

mubashar said...

This is a perfect example of why I don't contribute to wikipedia. articles

Anonymous said...

nuff said

I've been in the making for 30 years as well. That does not make me suitable to be included in an encyclopedia

Nor should any of my pet projects

Anonymous said...

I've browsed the discussion at wikipedia and I have to say that IMO the editors are right to delete it.
Nemerle simply doesn't fit the 'notability' requirements of Wikipedia. Provide more reliable sources or live with it.

Disclaimer: I've neither heard of Nemerle before nor do I have any special relationship to Wikipedia or it's main editors.

ashishwave said...

that way 99% of the programming articles will get deleted.
How many languages have **you** ever heard which has been listed on

Notability is subjective is not notable for 99.9999% of the population of world(and you too do not know about it) , but it still exists and should exist on wikipedia

Bezel said...

I'm an infrequent contributor to Wikipedia but my understanding is that notability is not related to the number of people who know about a topic. It depends on references to the subject in published sources that can be cited in a Wikipedia article.