Thursday, June 19, 2008

Java swing developer's painful moments!

I've programmed swing for while when I was java programmer. And I admit it was quite painful for me. At those times, before group layout in netbeans 5 emerged, we were forced to use some silly java layouts. The reason for that was suppose to be the sake of cross platformity. I remember absolute coordinates were highly discouraged in swing world. Instead, all we had was those crappy layouts namely, spring, grid, gridbag, etc. I know some people implement their own layouts and some use things like JGoodies. But all I remember is a bad taste from swing. Now watch this clip.

Funny right ? Well when I watched that I saw my self in a way. I never understood why I have to suffer that much. Now let me show you something. You probably know about the Mono framework I mentioned earlier. The open source .net implementation. It also implemented Windows Forms so that it allows us to run windows forms applications on linux too. And all you need is mono and its windows forms packages. No wine nor nothing else extra needed: Here are some screenshots for NUnit and NClass running on linux:

Nunit above running on linuxNClass above running on linux.

The interesting thing is both applications are written with windows forms (and written for windows without considering cross platformity) and windows forms uses absolute position and docking approach. So I feel pity for the moments I suffered for swing. Thank you mono!!!


Anonymous said...

Isn't it strange? Swing has always been bashed for not looking like a native app.

Now what about WinForms on Linux? It looks neither good nor native. And it seems to work only for rather simple standard apps. Or it there another reason to create a port for Paint.NET to mono/linux instead of just letting it run?


Onur Gümüş said...

Windows forms example is not the recommended way to develop cross platform gui's. GTK# is better may be or The problem for Paint.NET is mono api is not mature enough to fully run it. That's why a customized Paint.NET emerged.

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